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     1. n. A chart, list, or record of ancestors, to show breeding, especially distinguished breeding.
     2. n. A person's ancestral history; ancestry, lineage.
     3. n. Good breeding or ancestry.
     4. n. The history or provenance of an idea, custom etc.
     5. n. The ancestry of a domesticated animal, especially a dog or horse.
     6. adj. Having a pedigree.
     7. adj. Purebred.
     8. v. To determine the pedigree of (an animal).

Example Sentences

That's the oldest pedigree in the world. 
However, the Brit's debut tries too hard to live up to the occasion and despite his pedigree, like much British hip-hop sounds too in awe of American sounds. 
Its belated follow-up is a somewhat polite affair, with the kind of sophisticated arrangements that one would expect from musicians of this pedigree

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