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     1. n. The act of implicating.
     2. n. The state of being implicated.
     3. n. (usually plural) a possible effect or result of a decision or action.
     4. n. An implying, or that which is implied, but not expressed; an inference, or something which may fairly be understood, though not expressed in words.
     5. n. (logic) The connective in propositional calculus that, when joining two predicates A and B in that order, has the meaning "if A is true, then B is true".
     6. n. Logical consequence.

Example Sentences

The implication is that good looks are an outward sign of good health. 
We'll probably never know if any of those we elect to represent us ever believe what they say, but the implication that men who might lead us to our deaths are necessarily unprincipled, should give us pause. 
No body understands fully what the implication would be of leakage into the marine environment. 

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