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     1. n. The action of exposing something to something, such as skin to the sunlight.
     2. n. (authorship) The act or process of declaring or describing something through either speech or writing; the portions and aspects of a piece of writing that exist mainly to describe the setting, charact
           This essay has too much exposition in it.
           My reviewer said she couldn't picture the setting for my story, so I'm improving the exposition.
     3. n. (obsolete) The act of expulsion, or being expelled, from a place.
     4. n. An event at which goods, artwork and cultural displays are open for the public to view.
           The first prototype was unveiled at an exposition.
     5. n. (authorship) An essay or speech in which any topic is discussed in detail.
           I turned my research into an exposition on the traditional music of Borneo.
     6. n. (authorship) An opening section in fiction, in which background information about the characters, events or setting is conveyed.
     7. n. (music) The opening section of a fugue; the opening section of a movement in sonata form
     8. n. The action of putting something out to public view; for example in a display or show.

Example Sentences

It is more of an exposition on our lives, representatives will meet with us, talk to us about our family life and live with us for one week and that's all if we are chosen to represent our state. 

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