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     1. adj. Of or relating to comparison.
     2. adj. Using comparison as a method of study, or founded on something using it.
           comparative anatomy
     3. adj. Approximated by comparison; relative.
     4. adj. (obsolete) Comparable; bearing comparison.
     5. n. (grammar) A construction showing a relative quality, in English usually formed by adding more or appending -er. For example, the comparative of green is greener; of evil, more evil.
     6. n. (grammar) A word in the comparative form.
     7. n. (obsolete) An equal; a rival; a compeer.
     8. n. (obsolete) One who makes comparisons; one who affects wit.

Example Sentences

Any man that would walk away from you is a total idiot in my book, and I don't want to hear his name used again in a comparative sentence with mine. 

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