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     1. adj. Parodical; parodic
     2. n. A derisive art form that mocks by imitation; a parody.
     3. n. A variety adult entertainment show, usually including titillation such as striptease, most common from the 1880s to the 1930s.
     4. n. A ludicrous imitation; a caricature; a travesty; a gross perversion.
     5. v. To make a burlesque parody of
     6. v. To ridicule, or to make ludicrous by grotesque representation in action or in language.

Example Sentences

He reaches down and takes the wires pulls the pack out from between his legs and begins to swing it in a burlesque fashion. 
Far more importantly, he has managed to transform the microcosm of the small town, a neglected and disparaged corner of Irish experience, into an arena for burlesque humour and biting satire. 

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