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20 대하다
     1. v. to pertain or relate to a topic
     2. v. to greet or respond to
     3. v. to face, to stand across from
21 가다
     1. v. To go
           가자! - Let's go!
           서울-에 가요. - (I am, you are, he is, etc.) going to Seoul.
     1. n. year
     2. n. (vulgar) bitch
     1. n. 하나: one
     2. n. 恨: grudge
     3. n. 韓1: abbreviated word which means Korea.
     4. n. 韓2: name of country.
     1. n. word, speech, language
     2. n. horse
     3. n. sawhorse
     4. n. checker, checkerman
     5. n. measure (containing about 18 liters or 10 doe (되))
     1. n. work, job
           앉아라. 우리는 할 일-이 있어. - Sit down! We have work to do.
     2. n. business
     3. n. matter, affair, concern
           무슨 일-이 있니? - What's the matter? What's wrong?
26 때문
     1. n. (dependent noun) reason for something, usually in phrase ...하기 때문에.
27 말하다
     1. v. to speak, to talk
           한국-어로 말하자! - (colloquial) Let's talk in Korean!
           날 사랑한다고 말해줘. - Tell me you love me. (colloquial)
     2. v. to explain (by talking)
           이 상황을 어떻게 말해야지? - How do I explain this situation? (colloquial)
28 위하다
     1. v. to help or benefit
     2. v. to do for the sake of, for the purpose of
           세계평화-를 위하여 - for the sake of world peace
29 그러나
     1. adv. but, however
     2. adv. like that, but; contraction of (ko-l, 그러하나)
30 오다
     1. v. To come
           파티-에서 와서 고마워. - Thanks for coming to the party.
     2. v. (of rain, snow etc) to fall
           비-가 온다. - It's raining. (Literally, Rain comes.)
31 알다
     1. v. to know
     1. n. seed, kernel
     2. n. semen
     3. n. breed, offspring
     4. n. gene
     5. n. woof, weft
33 그렇다
     1. adj. to be thus, in that way; to be correct
           그래요? - Really? Is it really so?
34 크다
     1. adj. (to be) big, large, great
     2. v. to grow; to get bigger
     1. adv. also
     2. adv. again
           또 봐! - See you again!
36 사회
     1. n. society
     2. n. moderation of a discussion or meeting
     3. n. moderator
37 많다
     1. adj. (to be) many, much, a lot, plentiful
           돈이 많은 사람 - someone who has a lot of money; a rich person
           오늘 전시회 방문자가 많다. - Today there are many visitors at the exhibition.
     1. n. inside, interior
     2. adv. not
           안 먹어? - Won’t you eat?
           안 먹어! - I won’t eat!
39 좋다
     1. adj. to be good
           아침에 일찍 일어나는 것은 건강에 좋다. - Getting up early in the morning is good for one's health.
     2. adj. to be preferable, likeable
           난 축구보다 농구가 더 좋구나. - I like basketball more than football. (literally, To me basketball is preferable to football.)
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