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The Chinese word for tunnel is

suì dào


Chinese Definition

     1. tunnel; underground passage
     1. way; path; road
           道路 - road
     2. (historical) circuit: an administrative division of late imperial China comprising 2 or more commanderies
     3. (rail) track
           上 道 作業 - maintenance on rail tracks
           1 道 通過 - passing on track 1
     4. method; principle
     5. (Buddhism) the Marga; the Way of bodhi or enlightenment leading to nirvana through spiritual stages
     6. (philosophy, Taoism) the Way; the Tao; the Dao: the way of nature and/or the ideal way to live one's life
     7. (Christianity) Logos; the Word
     8. Short for 道教 (Taoism)
     9. Short for 道士 (Taoist priest)
     10. (religion) doctrine; teachings
           傳道 - to preach
     11. (literary) to say; to utter
           能說會道 - can talk really well (idiom)
           一 道 閃電 - a bolt of lightning
           一 道 河 - a river
           一 道 縫 - a crack
           一 道 彩虹 - a rainbow
           一 道 籬笆 - a fence
           一 道 菜 - a dish of food
           一 道 公文 - a proclamation
           一 道 命令 - an order
     12. (obsolete) Alternative form of 導 (to direct; to guide; to lead; to conduct)

Translations for and their definitions

     1. n. tunnel (underground or underwater passage)
           隧道 開 車燈。 - Turn on headlights before entering tunnel.

     1. n. tunnel (underground or underwater passage); underpass; subway

     1. n. gallery; mineshaft
     2. n. (military) tunnel

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suì dào

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