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The Chinese word for to hold is

to hold

Chinese Definition

     1. 动词. 拿﹝東西﹞
     2. 动词. ﹝指容器﹞盛載﹝液體﹞

Translations for hold and their definitions

     1. to take, to hold, to grasp
     2. to seize, to capture
     3. bring
     4. with; (introducing an instrument or target)
           拿 事實 證明 - prove with facts
           拿 我 開玩笑 - make fun of me

     1. sustain, support
     2. patron
     3. hold, grasp

     1. to hold; to grasp; to take
     2. to guard; to have control over
           把守 - to guard; to defend
           把握 - to grasp; to control; to master
     3. (TCM) to feel (for the pulse)
     4. A special type of helping verb which, when placed in front of the object of a sentence, allows for the object of the sentence to be placed before the verb. This allows for greater flexibility in compl
           他 把 刀 放 在 桌子zi 上。 - He put the knife on the table.
     5. used to introduce a “subject + verb + complement” structure; to cause to; to make
     6. bundle; bunch
     7. handle; knob; grip (a part of an object which is held in the hand)
           三 把 刀 - three knives
           四 把 鉸gaau3剪 - four pairs of scissors
           兩 把 掃把 - two brooms
     8. placed after numerals or classifiers to express uncertainty; approximately


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