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The Chinese word for street light is

lù dēng

street light

Chinese Definition

     1. road; path; street
           修路 - to build a road
     2. pattern; arrangement; sequence
           思路 - train of thought
           紋路 - veined pattern
     3. way; method
           生路 - means of livelihood; way of subsistence
     4. journey
           回家 的 路 很 遠。 - It's a long journey to return home.
           佢 身體 好 虛,行 幾 步 路 都 會 暈。 - His body is very weak, walking only a few steps already makes him dizzy.
           還有 一 公里 的 路 要 走。 -
     5. route
           三 路 進軍 - to advance along three routes
           12 路 公交車 - No. 12 bus
     6. kind; type
     7. region
           各 路 人馬 - people from different places
     8. -year-old, in multiples of ten; decade(s) of one's life; (Used for describing the style of people in such age range.)
           三十-路 大叔 - a man in his thirties -
           七十-路 - [JAV featuring women in their seventies -
     9. (historical) circuit (an administrative unit during the Song and Yuan dynasties)
     1. Simplified form of 燈

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lù dēng

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