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The Chinese word for roundabout is

huán zhuàng jiāo chā lù kǒu


Chinese Definition

     1. 迂回的
     1. Variant of 環
     2. Variant of 寰
     1. Simplified form of 狀
     1. to intersect; to cross
           相交 - to intersect
           交 好運 - to meet with good fortune -
     2. to reach (a certain time)
     3. time or place where two things meet
           春 夏 之 交 - when springs changes into summer -
           世紀 之 交 - the turn of the century -
           地處 豫 晉 兩 省shěnɡ 之 交 - located where the borders of Henan and Shanxi meet
     4. to hand over; to turn in; to submit
           交班 - to hand over to the next shift
           交 功課 - to turn in homework -
           交 咗 租 未? - Have you paid rent?
           請 把 任務 交 給 我 吧! - Please assign me the task!
     5. to make (friends)
           交.朋友 - to make a friend
           交 男朋友 - to get a boyfriend -
     6. friendship; relationship
           邦交 - diplomatic relations
           泛泛之交 - acquaintance
           君子.之.交.淡.如.水 - True friendship between two men of accomplishment need not be overly demonstrative.
     7. to have sexual intercourse; to mate
           肛交 - to have anal sex
           雜交 - to hybridize; to crossbreed
     8. mutually; reciprocally
           交談 - to converse
           交易 - to trade
     9. simultaneously; at the same time
     10. 16th tetragram of the Taixuanjing; "contact" (?)
     11. (obsolete) Alternative form of 跤 (-)
     12. (Hokkien, dated) (Used to refer to a private wholesale trading company)
           (Alternative form 郊)
     13. Variant of 跤
     14. (Xiamen, Quanzhou, &, Philippines Hokkien) and
     15. (Xiamen, Quanzhou, &, Philippines Hokkien) with; accompanying
     1. (Cantonese) to charge; to recharge
           幫 我 拎 個 手機 去 叉 吖。 - Take my cellphone to recharge it for me.
     2. Variant of 衩
     3. Variant of 扠
     4. Variant of 杈
     5. Variant of 汊
     1. road; path; street
           修路 - to build a road
     2. pattern; arrangement; sequence
           思路 - train of thought
           紋路 - veined pattern
     3. way; method
           生路 - means of livelihood; way of subsistence
     4. journey
           回家 的 路 很 遠。 - It's a long journey to return home.
           佢 身體 好 虛,行 幾 步 路 都 會 暈。 - His body is very weak, walking only a few steps already makes him dizzy.
           還有 一 公里 的 路 要 走。 -
     5. route
           三 路 進軍 - to advance along three routes
           12 路 公交車 - No. 12 bus
     6. kind; type
     7. region
           各 路 人馬 - people from different places
     8. -year-old, in multiples of ten; decade(s) of one's life; (Used for describing the style of people in such age range.)
           三十-路 大叔 - a man in his thirties -
           七十-路 - [JAV featuring women in their seventies -
     9. (historical) circuit (an administrative unit during the Song and Yuan dynasties)
     1. (anatomy) mouth, especially the lips and internal mouth cavity
           漱 漱 你 的 口。 (Shù shù nǐ de kǒu.) - Rinse your mouth out.
           這 話 出自 你 的 口,聽來 令人 奇怪。 (Zhè huà chūzì nǐ de kǒu, tīnglái lìngrén qíguài.) - This sounds strange in your mouth.
     2. entrance; opening; mouth (of an object)
           入口 (rùkǒu) - entrance
           出口 (chūkǒu) - exit
           門口 (ménkǒu) - doorway
     3. gateway
           張家口 (Zhāngjiākǒu) - Zhangjiakou
           口北 (Kǒuběi) - the area beyond the Great Wall
           口蘑 (kǒumó) - St. George's mushroom (Calocybe gambosa)
     4. hole; cut
           口子zi (kǒuzi) - hole
           傷口 (shāngkǒu) - wound
     5. port
           電腦 端口 (shāngkǒu) - computer port
           Csēi口 (sēikǒu) - USB-C port
     6. perimeter
           人口 (rénkǒu) - population
           戶口 (hùkǒu) - hukou
     7. government organ; department
           三 口 之 家 (sān kǒu zhī jiā) - a family of three
           我 可以 吃 一 口 嗎? (Wǒ kěyǐ chī yī kǒu ma?) - Can I have a bite?
     8. (neologism, slang) to fellate
     9. Variant of 名

Translations for and their definitions

     1. roundabout

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huán zhuàng jiāo chā lù kǒu

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