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The Chinese word for pole is

diàn xiàn gān


Chinese Definition

     1. 名词.
     2. 名词.
     3. 名词.
     4. 名词. 地极
     5. 名词. 磁极
     1. Simplified form of 電
     1. Simplified form of 綫
     1. pole; staff; rod
           旗杆 - flag pole
           桅杆 - mast
     2. Simplified form of 桿
     3. Variant of 秆
     4. Variant of 竿

Translations for and their definitions

     1. n. pole; staff; rod
     2. Simplified form of 桿子

           登峰造極 - to reach great heights
     1. extremity; limit; end; utmost point
     2. extreme; of the highest degree; utmost; furthest; final
           極品 - item of the highest quality
           極限 - limit, the utmost limits
     3. extremely; exceedingly; very
           痛苦 極了 - extremely painful
           極 不 滿意 - extremely dissatisfied
           肥牛 切qiē 得de 極 薄báo。 - The beef was sliced extremely thin.
     4. (Cantonese) at great length; exceedingly
           講 極 都 唔 明 - not understand despite lengthy explanation
           搵 極 都 搵 唔 到 嘅ge2? - Why do I still not find it
           睇 極 - to watch closely or in great amounts
     5. (Cantonese,) at most
           貴 極 咪mai6 都 係 廿 蚊 - Its price is at most $20.
     6. (Wu) to be anxious; to worry; to disturb oneself
     7. (Wu) to fear
     8. (Wu) to deny a wrongdoing; to cheat
           賴極皮 - tr=6la jjiq bi, cheater in games (who e.g. objects to losing, being thrown out of the game, or who denies having cheated), SH
     9. (geography, physics) pole
           北極 - north pole
           陰極 - negative pole, cathode
     10. (astronomy) Polaris
     11. quindecillion (10)
           物極必反 - a thing turns into its opposite if pushed too far
           位極人臣 - to have reached the highest official positions

     1. Simplified form of 極

     1. n. a Polish person; Pole

     1. Simplified form of 波蘭人

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diàn xiàn gān

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