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The Chinese word for drain is

pái shuǐ guǎn


Chinese Definition

     1. 排水管,导管,排(水),排液,引流,排水沟
     1. to put in order
     2. to rehearse
     3. row; rank; line
     4. raft
     5. wood, bamboo, etc. bound together for transport along a river
     6. (military) platoon
     7. Short for 排球, volleyball
     8. slab of meat
           牛排 - steak
     9. to push away; to reject
     10. to eject; to emit; to excrete
     11. (Cantonese) to queue
     12. =====Usage notes=====
     13. (Cantonese, only in compounds) time period
     1. water
           請 給 我 一 杯 水,謝謝。 (Qǐng gěi wǒ yī bēi shuǐ, xièxiè.) - A glass of water, please.
           喝水 - hēshuǐ - to drink water
           冰水 - bīngshuǐ - iced water
           冷水 - lěngshuǐ - cold water
           凍水 - dung3 seoi2 - cold water, C
           熱水 - rèshuǐ - hot water
           開水 - kāishuǐ - boiled water
           滾水 - gwan2 seoi2 - boiled water, C
           水族館 - shuǐzúguǎn - aquarium
           水彩 - shuǐcǎi - watercolour
           水溫 - shuǐwēn - water temperature
           雨水 - yǔshuǐ - rainwater
           海水 - hǎishuǐ - seawater
           飲用水 - yǐnyòngshuǐ - drinking water
           礦泉水 - kuàngquánshuǐ - mineral water
           蒸餾水 - zhēngliúshuǐ - distilled water
           水閘 - shuǐzhá - sluice
           水力發電 - shuǐlìfādiàn - hydroelectricity
           碳水化合物 - tànshuǐhuàhéwù - carbohydrate
           脫水 - tuōshuǐ - to dehydrate; dehydration
           水中毒 - shuǐzhōngdú - water intoxication; water poisoning
           雙氧水 - shuāngyǎngshuǐ, lit=water with two oxygen (atoms) - hydrogen peroxide
     2. liquid; potion; juice
           口水 - kǒushuǐ - saliva
           汗水 - hànshuǐ - sweat
           羊水 - yángshuǐ - amniotic fluid
           香水 - xiāngshuǐ - perfume
           眼藥水 - yǎnyàoshuǐ - eyedrop
     3. (colloquial, mainly, Singapore, Malaysia) Synonym of 飲料 (beverage)
           要 叫 什麼 水? (Yào jiào shénme shuǐ?) - What beverage do you want to order?
           欲 叫 什sím物 水? (Beh kiò sím-mi̍h chúi?) - What beverage do you want to order?, MN
     4. (archaic) river
           漢水 - Hànshuǐ - the Han River
     5. body of water
           水路 - shuǐlù - waterway
           三 面 環 水 (sān miàn huán shuǐ) - to be surrounded by (bodies of) water on three sides
     6. flood
           發水 - fāshuǐ - to flood
     7. additional cost or income
     8. (dialectal) rain
     9. (Cantonese) money
           磅水 - bong6 seoi2 - to pay, C
           掠loek6-1水 - loek6-1 seoi2 - to obtain money dishonestly, C
     10. (Cantonese) hundred dollars
           三 嚿 水 - saam1 gau6 seoi2 - three hundred dollars, C
     11. (Cantonese) source of revenue
     12. (Cantonese) to fool; to deceive; to misguide
     13. to swim
           水性 - shuǐxìng - swimming ability
     14. (colloquial) lacking substance or power; worthless
           這裡 的 大學 太 水 了。 (Zhèlǐ de dàxué tài shuǐ le.) - The universities here are too weak.
     15. Short for 划水, gloss=to shirk; to slack off
     16. one of the five elements of Wu Xing (五行)
     17. (colloquial) Classifier for the number of times clothing was washed.
     18. Sui people
           水書 - shuǐshū - Shuishu (the traditional writing system of the Sui people)
     19. Variant of 媠
     1. (musical instrument) a cylindrical double-reed woodwind instrument made of bamboo or wood
     2. (musical instrument, by extension) any wind instrument
     3. (by extension) slender tubular hollow object; pipe; tube; duct; canal; valve; fistula
           吸管 - straw
     4. (literary) calligraphy brush; inkbrush
     5. to administer; to manage; to control; to be in charge
           管理 - to manage
     6. to subject someone to discipline; to discipline
     7. to concern oneself with; to interfere with
     8. to be responsible for the provision of; to provide; to supply
     9. to assure; to guarantee; to ensure; to keep
     10. despite; regardless of; irrespective of
     11. (colloquial) (used in the pattern 管 is followed by the entity that is being called a name)
           臺灣人 管 花生 也 叫 土豆。 - Taiwanese people also call peanuts 土豆.
     12. (dialectal, colloquial) (indicates the object of an action:) to
     13. (Sichuan) to be worth
           管 寧 - Guan Ning

Translations for and their definitions

     1. v. (intransitive) to drain water

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pái shuǐ guǎn

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