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The Chinese word for bicycle is

zì xíng chē


Chinese Definition

     1. 自行車
     1. self, oneself; one's own
           自顧自 - each minding his own business; each for himself
     2. certainly, of course
     3. personally
     4. since; from
           自 左 而 右 - from left to right
     5. Only used in 潮州音樂——自己顧自己
     1. (literary or dialectal) to walk
     2. (Cantonese, of a vehicle) to go
           架 巴士 行 得 好 慢 - the bus goes slowly
     3. (Cantonese) to navigate
           落車\落咗車 之 後 點 行 呀? - What do I do after I get off?
     4. (Cantonese, computing) to run
     5. to go; to move
     6. to carry out; to execute
     7. to perform (a salute)
     8. OK; good
           行,就 這麼 定 了。 (Xíng, jiù zhème dìng le.) - OK, it's a deal.
     9. to be good; to work
           我 覺得 這 方法 行。 (Wǒ juéde zhè fāngfǎ xíng.) - I think this will work.
     10. to be good (opposed to bad) (usually in negative sentences, or with (m-lite, zh, sc=Hani, 還))
           我 成績 不 行。 (Wǒ chéngjì bù xíng.) - I have bad grades.
     11. to be able to do something (usually mentioned before)
           他 能 四 分鐘 跑 一 公里,我 不 行。 (Tā néng sì fēnzhōng pǎo yī gōnglǐ, wǒ bù xíng.) - He can run a kilometre within 4 minutes. I can't (do that).
     12. (often, sarcastic) remarkable
           你 真 行。 (Nǐ zhēn xíng.) - You are really something.
           可還行 (kěháixíng) -
     13. =====Usage notes=====
     14. Notice that when meaning “be able to do something”, (lang-lite, zh, sc=Hani, 行) can only be used without a complement. This is different from m-lite, zh, 能, sc=Hani, tr=néng, t=to be able to (do somet
     15. profession; industry; trade; business
     16. place for specific transaction
           銀行háng (yínháng) - bank lit. silver store
           珠寶行háng (zhūbǎoháng) - jewellery store
     17. line of objects; row
           兩 行hong4 字 - two lines of text
     18. (Mainland) row (in data tables)
           Synonyms: 列
     19. (Taiwan) column (in data tables)
           Synonyms: 列
     20. (Cantonese) Short for 行貨, tr=-
     21. (Cantonese) coarse; of poor quality; too general
     22. (zh-no-solo) behaviour; conduct
     23. skill from monk training
           道行héng (dàohéng) - monk training
     24. order; rank
     25. (zh-used in, 樹行子, row of trees)
     1. Variant of 車
     2. Variant of 卓

Translations for and their definitions

     1. n. bicycle; bike
           自行車 頭盔 - bicycle helmet -
           自行車 停放架 - bicycle stand -
           騎 自行車 - to ride a bicycle -
           前輪 大 後輪 小 的 自行車 - penny farthing
           不准 停放 自行車。 - No bicycle parking.
           他 超過 了 三 輛 自行車。 - He passed three bikes.

     1. Simplified form of 自行車

     1. n. (regional) bicycle

     1. Simplified form of 腳踏車

     1. n. (regional) bicycle
           踩 單車 - to bike; to ride a bike -
           共享 單車 - bike sharing -
     2. usage. In mainland China, it is often used to refer to bicycles in a bicycle-sharing system.

     1. Simplified form of 單車

     1. n. (literary) armoured warhorse
     2. n. (literary, figurative) valiant cavalry
     3. n. metal chimes hanging from eaves
     4. n. (chiefly Taiwan Malaysia dated in Xiamen Quanzhou) bicycle
     5. n. (chiefly Cantonese) mills barrier; crowd control barrier
     6. n. (Hong Kong) police motorbike

     1. Simplified form of 鐵馬

     1. n. (Taiwan) bicycle racing; cycle sport
     2. n. (archaic or dialectal) bicycle

     1. Simplified form of 自由車

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zì xíng chē

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