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The Chinese word for Tuesday is

xīng qī èr

Chinese Definition

     1. 名词. 星期二
     1. star; planet; heavenly body
           星星xing - star
           恆星 - (fixed) star
     2. star-shaped object
     3. star; celebrity
           明星 - bright star; celebrity
     4. weight marks on a steelyard
     5. a bit; a tiny bit
     6. tiny; minute
     7. whitish; white
     8. numerous and scattered everywhere; countless
     9. rapid; flying
     1. period of time; stage
     2. (historical) one-year mourning (garment) for the death of a senior family member
     1. two
     2. second
     3. Short for twenty, two hundred or two thousand after hundreds, thousands and ten thousands.
     4. Short for twenty cents.
     5. (Northeast Mandarin, neologism) stupid, dumb; silly, thick, lacking mental agility (often in a cute way)
     6. usage. See 兩Usage notes.

Translations for and their definitions

     1. n. Tuesday

     1. n. Tuesday

     1. n. Tuesday

     1. n. Tuesday


xīng qī èr

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