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Word and Radical Components of 钢笔

The Chinese word 钢笔 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
钢笔 gāngbǐ 1. n. ink pen; fountain pen

钢笔 ⇨ 钢 + 笔
Component Pinyin Meanings
gāng 1. steel
2. hard, strong, tough
3. n. steel
gàng 4. v. to sharpen, to whet
1. writing brush
2. pen; pencil
3. stroke (of Chinese characters)

钢 ⇨ 钅 + 冈
Component Pinyin Meanings
jīn, jīnzìpángr 1. Symbol. Kangxi radical 167, gold.
2. usage. Jīnzìpángr is the name of the radical (金字旁兒).
gāng, gǎng 1. ridge or crest of hill
2. ridge or crest of a hill; mound

笔 ⇨ ⺮ + 毛
Component Pinyin Meanings
zhú 1. n. bamboo
     竹子zi - bamboo
máo 1. hair (of humans or animals); fur; feather
2. mildew; mold
3. (informal) (zh-synonym, 角, one tenth of a yuan)
4. coarse; raw; semifinished
5. gross; overall
6. small; little
7. careless; unthinking
8. panicked; scared; nervous
9. angry; furious
10. (of currency) to depreciate; to devalue
      ^- - (Mao Zedong)
11. usage. For hair on the human head, use頭髮 instead.

冈 ⇨ 冂 + 㐅
Component Pinyin Meanings
jiōng 1. down box
2. outside the city, suburbs, wild
1. five
2. Wu (mainland China, Taiwan), Ng (Hong Kong)
3. (printing) The size of type between 小五 (little 5) and 小四 (little 4), standardized as 10½ point.