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Word and Radical Components of 金色

The Chinese word 金色 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
金色 jīnsè 1. n. gold colour

金色 ⇨ 金 + 色
Component Pinyin Meanings
jīn 1. metal
2. metalware
3. gold (Au)
     金屬 - metal
4. golden; blond
5. (by extension) money; material wealth
6. (historical) (ancient currency unit)
7. (historical) gong or other metalware for signalling commands in the military
8. Short for 金星 (Venus)
9. Short for 金朝 ((Jin Dynasty (1115–1234), Jurchen Jin dynasty) (1115–1234))
1. color/colour; tint; hue; shade
     顏色 - color
2. look; expression
3. kind; sort
     貨色 - goods; stuff; trash; rubbish; quality of goods; specification
4. feminine charm; beauty
     姿色 - good looks (of women)
5. sexual; lewd
     色情 - pornography; sex
6. (colloquial) being a perv
7. theatrical role
8. metallic content

色 ⇨ ⺈ + 巴
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. usage. sc=Hani of Component form:
2. usage. Used at the top of a character.
1. (ancient Chinese mythology) a huge snake that could swallow an elephant
2. to greatly desire; to anxiously hope; to long for
3. (Used as a suffix for objects that are located below or behind.)
     尾巴ba - tail
4. (Used as a suffix for objects that are clumped together due to dryness or stickiness.)
     泥巴ba - mud
5. to cling to; to stick to
6. (Jilu Mandarin, Sichuan, dialectal Wu) to be close to; to be next to
7. (Beijing, Jilu Mandarin) to open; to spread
8. (Sichuan) to suit; to fit
9. (Sichuan) to follow
10. (Sichuan) to be intimate
11. (Sichuan) to involve; to implicate
12. (Sichuan) to kiss up; to curry favour
13. (Sichuan) to subsidize
14. (Sichuan) to infect; to contract
15. (dialectal Mandarin, including, Beijing, Shandong, Xinjiang) to sew; to stitch on
16. (Southwestern Mandarin, ;, Xiamen, Quanzhou Min Nan) dried object
17. (dialectal Mandarin, Cantonese)
      - to give him a slap
18. (Jiaoliao Mandarin, Sichuan) along
19. (historical) Ba (an ancient state in modern-day Sichuan)
20. eastern Sichuan and Chongqing
21. Short for 巴士 (bus)
     小巴 - minibus
22. bar (unit of pressure)

巴 ⇨ 巳 + 丨
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. sixth of twelve earthly branches (十二支): snake (蛇) of Chinese zodiac
gǔn 1. line
2. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №10