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Word and Radical Components of 被单

The Chinese word 被单 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
被单 bèidān 1. n. bed sheet (covering for a mattress)
2. n. double-layered sheet (used as a quilt)

被单 ⇨ 被 + 单
Component Pinyin Meanings
bèi 1. bedding; quilt; blanket
2. (zh-obsolete) to cover
bèi 3. (zh-obsolete) to suffer; to sustain (loss, misfortune, etc.)
4. by
5. (Used before a verb to indicate passive-voice.)
6. (attention, zh, not sure if it should be here or in pron 1)
7. =====Usage notes=====
8. (zh-alt-form, 披, to cover oneself)
9. (zh-alt-form, 髲, wig)
10. (zh-alt-form, 彼, that)
11. (zh-alt-form, 帔)
dān 1. single; individual; solitary
2. thin; narrow; faint
3. simple; uncomplicated
4. (of clothes) unlined
5. (mathematics) odd
6. cover; bed sheet
7. list; register; catalogue
8. only; merely; simply
9. and; plus
10. bill
chán 11. (zh-only, 單于)
Shàn 12. (zh-div, 縣) w, Shan County (county in Shandong)

被 ⇨ 衤 + 皮
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. (upper) garment; clothes; clothing
     衣服 - clothes
     內衣 - underwear
     睡衣 - night clothes; pajamas
2. coating; covering; skin
     糖衣 - sugar coating
     槍衣 - gun cover
3. membrane; film
4. (literary or Min) afterbirth; placenta
yī, yì      衣錦還huán - to return home in glory
1. skin; hide; fur; leather
2. peel; shell
3. bark; rind
4. wrapper; cover; skin
5. surface; top part
6. rubber
7. thin sheet
8. outer; superficial
9. sticky; glutinous
10. soggy; non-crispy
11. naughty; disobedient
12. thick-skinned
13. (loanword) pico- (SI unit prefix)

单 ⇨ 丷 + 日 + 十
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. This is a kwukyel note. Kwukyel was a system formerly used in Korea whereby correct interpretation of texts written in Classical Chinese was aided by small interspersed notes such as this one. The not
1. (literary or dialectal) sun
2. daytime
3. (literary or dialectal) day
4. everyday
5. day of the month
6. Short for 日本 (Japan; Japanese; Nippo-:)
     中日 詞典 - Chinese-Japanese dictionary
7. (vulgar) to fuck
shí 1. ten
2. (figurative) topmost; utmost
3. (figurative) complete

丷 ⇨ 丶 + 丿
Component Pinyin Meanings
zhǔ 1. dot
2. n. (Chinese calligraphy) the dot stroke (namedneeds checking
丿 piě 1. slash
2. left-falling stroke, usually read as撇