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Word and Radical Components of 绷带

The Chinese word 绷带 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
绷带 bēngdài 1. n. bandage
      需要 繃帶 包紮 傷口。 - You need to wrap your wound in a bandage.

绷带 ⇨ 绷 + 带
Component Pinyin Meanings
bēng, běng, bèng 1. bind, draw firmly, strap
dài 1. belt, girdle, band, strap
2. zone
3. n. belt; ribbon; tape
4. n. tyre, tire
5. n. zone; area; belt
6. n. cassette
     錄影帶 - video cassette
      daai3-2 - listen to a(n audio) cassette
      daai3-2 - watch to a (video) cassette
7. v. to take; to bring along; to carry
8. v. to assist one in doing something
9. v. to take someone somewhere
10. v. bear; have; with
11. v. lead; head

带 ⇨ 卅 + 冖 + 巾
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. thirty, thirtieth
2. num. thirty
1. usage. cover
2. usage. In older forms, often a 3-side enclosure, as in 匸. In modern forms, closer to 宀 without the top stroke (shorter sides).
jīn 1. kerchief
2. towel
3. turban