Word and Radical Components of 沙滩

The Chinese word 沙滩 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
沙滩 shātān 1. n. beach; sandy shore

沙滩 ⇨ 沙 + 滩
Component Pinyin Meanings
shā 1. sand, gravel, pebbles
2. granulated
3. the number 10
4. n. sand
tān 1. bank, a sandbar, shoal
2. rapids
3. beach, shoal, rapids

沙 ⇨ 氵 + 少
Component Pinyin Meanings
shuǐ 1. water
2. liquid; potion; juice
     口水 - saliva
3. river
     漢水 - the Han River
4. body of water
5. waterway
6. flood
7. additional cost or income
8. (Classifier for the number of times clothing was washed.)
9. (Sui people)
shǎo 1. few; little in number; less; not many
2. weak; inadequate; insufficient
3. to lack; to be short of; to be deficient
4. to reduce (the amount or extent); to weaken; to lose; to stop; to cease
5. slightly; moderately; a little; a bit
6. seldom; rarely; infrequently
7. in a little while; in a moment
shào 8. young; youthful; juvenile
9. later in a sequence; younger; youngest
10. childhood; youth; young period
11. young man; youngster; junior
12. (historical) deputy; assistant
13. (historical) young master of a rich family

少 ⇨ 小 + 丿
Component Pinyin Meanings
xiǎo 1. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №15
2. small, tiny, little
3. minor, petty
4. briefly, for a short while
5. slightly, a little
6. young
7. (the) youngest
8. a young person; child, kid, baby
9. (Prefix used in front of family name to indicate informality or affection (for young people,老 for elder people).)
10. (humble) my, our
11. (Used only in the abbreviation of a school name.)
12. (euphemism, Cantonese) a euphemism of屌
丿 piě 1. slash
2. left-falling stroke, usually read as撇