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Word and Radical Components of 水平仪

The Chinese word 水平仪 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
水平仪 shuǐpíngyí 1. n. spirit level; surveyor's level

水平仪 ⇨ 水 + 平 + 仪
Component Pinyin Meanings
píng 1. level; even; flat
2. even
3. draw, tie
4. to level
5. calm; peaceful
6. peace
7. to pacify
8. (used in placenames of conquered lands) pacified territory
9. ordinary; common; mediocre; average
10. (Cantonese, Hakka) cheap; inexpensive
11. number 95 of the (Baijiaxing)
1. ceremony
2. rites
3. gifts
4. to admire

平 ⇨ 干 + 丷
Component Pinyin Meanings
gàn 1. main part of something; body; trunk
gān 2. to concern; to be implicated in; implication
gān 3. dry
     樹幹 - trunk of a plant
      喉嚨 gān。 - My throat feels dry.
     軀幹 - body of animals
4. clean
     幹道 - main road; high street
     gān - clean
5. to do
6. adoptive; foster
      什麼? - What are you doing?
7. in vain; for nothing
8. to work
qián 9. One of the Eight Trigrams (☰).
     幹活 - to work
     乾乾道 - ways of heaven; natural law
      什麼 ? - What is your job?
10. (vulgar) to fuck, to engage in sexual intercourse
     幹恁娘! - Fuck your mother! , MN
     ..! - Fuck your mother!
11. (vulgar) to kill
     幹掉 ! - Kill him!
12. (vulgar chiefly Taiwan) to steal
      ?! - Who stole my pen?!
13. (vulgar chiefly Taiwan) to blame, to condemn
      - criticized by everyone
1. This is a kwukyel note. Kwukyel was a system formerly used in Korea whereby correct interpretation of texts written in Classical Chinese was aided by small interspersed notes such as this one. The not

仪 ⇨ 亻 + 义
Component Pinyin Meanings
rén 1. KangXi radical 人
1. right conduct; righteousness; justice; morality
chā 2. crotch
3. meaning; implication
4. fork, prong
5. rule; regulation
6. n. fork
7. charity; free
8. n. cross
9. adopted; foster
10. artificial
11. (Taiwan)

丷 ⇨ 丶 + 丿
Component Pinyin Meanings
zhǔ 1. dot
2. n. (Chinese calligraphy) the dot stroke (namedneeds checking
丿 piě 1. slash
2. left-falling stroke, usually read as撇

义 ⇨ 乂 + 丶
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. govern, control, manage
2. nurture
zhǔ 1. dot
2. n. (Chinese calligraphy) the dot stroke (namedneeds checking