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Word and Radical Components of 校服

The Chinese word 校服 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
校服 xiàofú 1. n. school uniform

校服 ⇨ 校 + 服
Component Pinyin Meanings
xiào 1. school; college; university
xiào 2. (military) field officer
jiào 3. (historical) horsekeeper official
4. to proofread; to check; to compare
5. (printing) proof
6. (Sichuanese) to try
fú, fù 1. clothes
2. mourning dress
3. to wear; to put on
4. to take; to eat
     服藥 - to take medicine
5. to serve
6. to submit; to agree; to accept; to obey
7. to convince; to persuade
8. to be accustomed to

校 ⇨ 木 + 交
Component Pinyin Meanings
     (zh-syn, )
     樹木 - tree
1. wood; timber
     木頭tou - log
2. wooden
3. simple; plain; slow; emotionless
4. (Mandarin, neologism, slang) (eye dialect of 沒)
     有木有 - d'ya have…
5. numb
     麻木 - numb, insensitive
jiāo 1. mix
2. intersect
3. exchange, communicate
4. deliver
5. to hand over; to turn in; to submit
      功課 - to turn in homework
6. to deliver
7. to intersect; to cross

服 ⇨ 月 +
Component Pinyin Meanings
yuè 1. usage. Do not confuse (lang, mul, 月) with m, mul, ⺼, sc=Hani, a form of m, mul, 肉, , flesh, meat when used as the left-hand radical of a character. m, mul, ⺼, sc=Hani is used for parts of the body such as m
2. (literary) moon
3. moon-shaped objects
4. month
5. monthly

交 ⇨ 亠 + 父
Component Pinyin Meanings
tóu 1. lid
2. head
1. father