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Word and Radical Components of 枕头

The Chinese word 枕头 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
枕头 zhěntou 1. n. pillow

枕头 ⇨ 枕 + 头
Component Pinyin Meanings
zhěn, zhèn 1. pillow
tóu 1. (anatomy) head
      不再 。 - My head doesn't hurt any more.
2. hair
3. top; tip; end
4. chief; boss
5. remnant; end
      。 - I have two pigs.
6. first; leading
7. (Diminutive suffix.)

枕 ⇨ 木 + 冘
Component Pinyin Meanings
     (zh-syn, )
     樹木 - tree
1. wood; timber
     木頭tou - log
2. wooden
3. simple; plain; slow; emotionless
4. (Mandarin, neologism, slang) (eye dialect of 沒)
     有木有 - d'ya have…
5. numb
     麻木 - numb, insensitive
yín, yóu 1. to move on
2. doubtful

头 ⇨ ⺀ + 大
Component Pinyin Meanings
tài 1. too; so (modifying adjectives; often used with了 at the end of the sentence for emphasis)
2. big; large; huge
      ! - It's so hot!
3. big; great; deep
      。 - Don't eat too much pie.
4. main; major
5. (usually in negative sentences) very; quite
6. loud; heavy
      舒服。 - He's not very well.
7. mature; grown up
8. most; utmost
9. greatly; very much
10. highest; greatest
11. (dialectal) father
12. senior; noble
13. (dialectal) father's elder or younger brother
14. wife; Miss; Mrs
15. Used only in the abbreviation of the name.
     太太tai - wife
     Běi Dà - Peking University
dài, dà 16. Only used in 大夫 (doctor)
17. Only used in 大城 (Daicheng, Hebei)
18. Only used in 大王 ((in operas, old novels) king; ringleader)