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Word and Radical Components of 摇窗装置

The Chinese word 摇窗装置 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

摇窗装置 ⇨ 摇 + 窗 + 装 + 置
Component Pinyin Meanings
yáo 1. wag, swing, wave
2. shake
3. scull
chuāng 1. window
     窗戶hu - window
zhuāng 1. baggage; luggage; bags
2. outfit; clothes; clothing
3. style of dress
     西裝 - business suit; Western-style clothes
4. items for daily use; dowry
5. style of bookbinding
6. style of packaging or storage
7. to dress up; to attire; to clothe
8. to feign; to pretend; to make believe
     裝傻 - to play the fool
9. to load; to stack; to cram; to fill
10. to wrap (something in a bag); to put into
11. to assemble; to install (a fixture, a computer program, etc.)
12. to hold; to store; to contain
      可以 - not suitable for containing water
13. to carry; to convey
14. to mount; to decorate; to adorn
zhì 1. place, lay out
2. set aside

摇 ⇨ 扌 + 䍃
Component Pinyin Meanings
shǒu 1. hand
2. expert; master
     高手 - master
3. -ist; -er
     歌手 - singer
4. convenient; handy
     手機 - mobile phone
     手冊 - handbook
yóu, yáo 1. vase, pitcher, earthenware

窗 ⇨ 穴 + 囱
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. hole
2. cave, cavern, lair, den
chuāng 1. window
cōng 2. n. chimney, funnel
     窗戶hu - window

装 ⇨ 壮 + 衣
Component Pinyin Meanings
zhuàng 1. strong; robust
2. to strengthen
3. the Zhuang, an ethnic group living primarily in Guangxi, China
     廣西 壯族 自治區 - Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
1. (upper) garment; clothes; clothing
     衣服 - clothes
     內衣 - underwear
     睡衣 - night clothes; pajamas
2. coating; covering; skin
     糖衣 - sugar coating
     槍衣 - gun cover
3. membrane; film
4. (literary or Min) afterbirth; placenta
yī, yì      衣錦還huán - to return home in glory

置 ⇨ 罒 + 直
Component Pinyin Meanings
wǎng 1. net; web
2. network
zhí 1. (ja-forms, 直, 直, 直)
2. straight; linear; undeviating
3. to straighten
4. vertical; upright; erect
5. honest; fair
6. straightforward; forthright; frank
7. directly; straight
     直去 - to go directly to
8. intentionally; deliberately
9. (Chinese calligraphy) vertical stroke in Chinese characters

䍃 ⇨ 爫 + 缶
Component Pinyin Meanings
zhuǎ 1. claw, nail, talon
2. animal feet
fǒu 1. earthen crock or jar (also used as a musical instrument in the court music of ancient China and the ritual music of Korea)

囱 ⇨ 丶 + 囗 + 夂
Component Pinyin Meanings
zhǔ 1. dot
2. n. (Chinese calligraphy) the dot stroke (namedneeds checking
wéi, guó 1. usage. used as a shorthand for some other characters, including 圍 and 國
2. usage. This character (囗) is used for enclosures; if a square is used within a character, then the character is instead 口.
3. enclosure
chǔ, zhǐ 1. go or walk slowly
     (lb, cmn, archaic) of
2. usage. This character is easily confused with 夊 sui1, however this character means to catch up with someone from behind. (See Gao Shu-fan, 形音義綜合大字典.)

壮 ⇨ 丬 + 士
Component Pinyin Meanings
qiáng 1. half tree trunk
2. half of tree trunk
shì 1. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №9
     士兵 - soldier
2. (historical) (scholar-official) (civil servant appointed by the emperor of China to perform day-to-day governance)
3. (historical) (self-appellation used by scholar-officials in ancient China, when addressing the emperor:) I; subject
4. (historical) a social stratum in ancient China
5. scholar; academic; intellectual; intelligentsia
     博士 - doctor; doctoral degree
     女士 - Lady
     護士 - nurse
6. (Chinese chess) pawn
7. usage. 士 is commonly used to render the (IPAchar, /s/) sound (not followed by a vowel) in foreign names, e.g.bus.