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Word and Radical Components of 手帕

The Chinese word 手帕 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
手帕 shǒupà 1. n. (colloquial) handkerchief

手帕 ⇨ 手 + 帕
Component Pinyin Meanings
shǒu 1. hand
2. expert; master
     高手 - master
3. -ist; -er
     歌手 - singer
4. convenient; handy
     手機 - mobile phone
     手冊 - handbook
1. turban, kerchief, veil
2. wrap
3. to wrap
4.  kerchief, handkerchief, headscarf
5.  pascal (SI unit)

帕 ⇨ 巾 + 白
Component Pinyin Meanings
jīn 1. kerchief
2. towel
3. turban
bái, bó 1. white
     白色 - white color
2. clear; easy to understand
     明白 - clear , obvious
     淺白 - simple
3. clear; pure; plain; blank
     白紙 - a blank sheet of paper
     白水 - plain water
     白粥 - plain congee
4. vernacular
     白話 - spoken language
5. reactionary; anticommunist
     白軍 - The White army
     白區 - The White area
     白色恐怖 - the White terror
6. in vain; for nothing
     我們 沒有 。 - Our efforts were not in vain.
      。 - She waited in vain.
     他們 沒有 。 - Their blood was not shed in vain.
     所有 工作 。 - All the work has been done for nothing.
      一趟 - to come in vain; to come for nothing
     白給 東西 - something given for nothing
7. free of charge; gratuitous; gratis
      可以 拿走 蘋果。 - You can have these apples for free.
8. to stare coldly; to stare at someone with the white of the eyes
      生氣 一眼。 - She gave him an angry stare.
9. to explain; to present; to state
     自白 - explain oneself, confess
     開場白 - preamble
     表白 - to explain oneself
     辯白 - to explain, to defend oneself
10. to mispronounce or wrongly write a character
      老是 讀破句。 - I always mispronounce words and break my sentences up in the wrong places.
      。 - I've mispronounced the character.
11. spoken lines in opera
     念白 - spoken parts of a Chinese opera
     道白 - spoken parts of a Chinese opera
     獨白 - monologue
     對白 - dialogue
12. dialect
     蘇白 - Suzhou dialect
     京白 - Beijing dialect
13. funeral
     紅白喜事 - weddings and funerals
14. Bai