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Word and Radical Components of 废气

The Chinese word 废气 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
废气 fèiqì 1. n. waste gas or steam; exhaust gas

废气 ⇨ 废 + 气
Component Pinyin Meanings
fèi 1. to abandon; to abrogate; to abolish
2. abandoned; deserted
3. to stop; to terminate
4. to oust; to dethrone
5. disabled; handicapped; crippled
6. useless; disused
7. waste; unwanted material
8. dejected; dispirited
1. air; gas
2. beg
     天然氣 - natural gas
3. to request
     出去 透氣! - Go out to breathe fresh air!
4. (Min) to give
     輪胎 。 - The tire is leaking gas.
5. breath
     喘不過氣 - to be out of breath
      戰鬥 最后 。 - I will fight to my last breath.
6. (Chinese philosophy) qi; vital energy; life force
7. smell; odour
     氣味 - smell
      廚炊 煙火 衣服 去掉 。 - It is difficult to remove the smell of cooking from clothes.
8. weather
     天氣 - weather
9. to get angry
     生氣 - to get angry
10. to make angry, to annoy
      ! - Don't annoy me!
11. to breathe
      男人 - manly

废 ⇨ 广 + 发
Component Pinyin Meanings
广 guǎng 1. dotted cliff
ān 2. broad, wide, extensive, vast
yǎn 3. n. A dome-shaped grass house.
4. n. A house that is built to depend on a cliff.
5. n. A Buddhist monastery or nunnery.
1. hair
2. to issue
     頭髮fa - hair
     發電 - to generate electricity; to send a telegram
     發佈 - to release
3. to distribute
4. to depart
5. to become; to get into a certain state; to develop; to manifest
     發燒 - to have a fever
     發狂 - to go mad
6. to become wealthy

气 ⇨ + 一 + ⺄
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №1
2. one
3. each; every
4. single; alone
5. whole; entire; all: throughout
6. same; identical
7. (With the verb modified reduplicated, expressing the transience of the verb.)
8.    (Indicating that the action has occurred only once.)
9.    (Indicating the intention to try.)
10. once; as soon as; upon
1. Symbol. sc=Hani of Component form: