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Word and Radical Components of 小号

The Chinese word 小号 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
小号 xiǎohào 1. n. small size
2. n. (musical instruments) trumpet
3. n. (colloquial) peeing; having a pee

小号 ⇨ 小 + 号
Component Pinyin Meanings
xiǎo 1. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №15
2. small, tiny, little
3. minor, petty
4. briefly, for a short while
5. slightly, a little
6. young
7. (the) youngest
8. a young person; child, kid, baby
9. (Prefix used in front of family name to indicate informality or affection (for young people,老 for elder people).)
10. (humble) my, our
11. (Used only in the abbreviation of a school name.)
12. (euphemism, Cantonese) a euphemism of屌
hào 1. name; alias
2. order; command
3. shop; store
4. mark; symbol
5. number
     第五 - No. 5 (in a sequence); V
6. (regional) day of the month
     7 1 - July 1
7. (musical instrument) brass wind instrument
8. (Zhongyuan Mandarin, Lanyin Mandarin, Sichuan) to correct; to mark (school work)
háo 9. (of a person) to roar; to cry; to shout
10. (of a person) to bawl; to cry loudly
11. (of wind) to howl; to roar

小 ⇨ 亅 + 八
Component Pinyin Meanings
jué 1. hook
2. A vertical line with a hook, usually read as豎勾.
1. an accounting version of the numeral eight that is otherwise written astr=-
2. usage. Minor strokes in the shape of ハ/八, as in the top of 劵, can be referred to 八. These are very frequently simplified to 丷. Contrast 劵/券, and different forms of (lang, ja, 鬲)/lang, und, sc=Hans, 鬲.
3. (zh-alt-form, 朳, toothless rake)
4. eight
5. (zh-alt-form, 扒, to break open, split open)
6. many, numerous
7. to know; to recognise; to be familiar with
8. (printing) pearl; The smallest size of usual type, standardized as 5 point.
     捌字 - to know how to read, tr=báik-cê, MD
9.    to gossip (about); to stick one's nose in
10. to know (somebody)
11.    (Cantonese) nosey; meddling
     伓捌 - to not know (someone), tr=n̂g-báik, MD
12.   八婆 - nosey parker; meddling woman
13. already; previously
14. (zh-obsolete) to divide; to differentiate
     捌曾 - a term denoting past tense, tr=báik-cèng, MD
     bat %kòe - to have done something already, MN

号 ⇨ 口 + 丂
Component Pinyin Meanings
kǒu 1. usage. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №22
2. usage. This character (口) is used within characters; if a square is instead used as an enclosure (around) a character, then the character 囗 is used instead.
3. mouth
      。 - Rinse your mouth out.
4. entrance; opening; mouth (of an object)
     入口 - entrance
     出口 - exit
5. hole; cut
     口子zi - hole
     傷口 - wound
6. government organ; department
      可以 ? - Can I have a bite?
kǎo, qiǎo, yú 1. obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release
2. variant of other characters

丂 ⇨ 一
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №1
2. one
3. each; every
4. single; alone
5. whole; entire; all: throughout
6. same; identical
7. (With the verb modified reduplicated, expressing the transience of the verb.)
8.    (Indicating that the action has occurred only once.)
9.    (Indicating the intention to try.)
10. once; as soon as; upon