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Word and Radical Components of 奶油

The Chinese word 奶油 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
奶油 nǎiyóu 1. n. cream
2. n. butter

奶油 ⇨ 奶 + 油
Component Pinyin Meanings
nǎi 1. woman's breasts
2. milk; breastmilk
3. to nurse
4. to breastfeed; to suckle
5. infant; infantile
6. mother
7. grandmother
yóu 1. oil; fat; grease; lard
     麻油 - sesame oil
     豬油 - lard
     石油 - petroleum; oil
     機油 - engine oil
2. to paint
      - to paint the house
3. to be grease-stained
4. sly; glib

奶 ⇨ 女 + 乃
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. woman
2. (obsolete or Min) you (second-person pronoun)
nǎi 1. then
2. really, indeed
3. as it turned out, after all
4. namely
5. you, your (pre-classical)
6. be
     失敗..成功.. - failure is the mother of success
7. just
8. (Shanghai) now
9. (rfquote)

油 ⇨ 氵 + 由
Component Pinyin Meanings
氵 (水) 1.
yóu 1. cause; reason
2. from

乃 ⇨ + 丿
Component Pinyin Meanings
丿 piě 1. slash
2. left-falling stroke, usually read as撇

由 ⇨ 十 + 囗
Component Pinyin Meanings
shí 1. ten
2. (figurative) topmost; utmost
3. (figurative) complete
wéi, guó 1. usage. used as a shorthand for some other characters, including 圍 and 國
2. usage. This character (囗) is used for enclosures; if a square is used within a character, then the character is instead 口.
3. enclosure