Word and Radical Components of 图书馆

The Chinese word 图书馆 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

Component Pinyin Meanings
图书馆 túshūguǎn 1. n. library
     學生- 通常 圖書館 wéi 。 - Students usually regard libraries as their second home.
     圖書館 人類 知識 海洋。 - Libraries contain knowledge of human experience as vast as the open sea.

图书馆 ⇨ 图 + 书 + 馆
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. diagram
2. chart; map; picture
3. to conspire
shū 1. book; codex
2. collection of bamboo or wooden slips, the traditional form of records in China
3. letter; document
4. form of a written or printed Chinese character; style of calligraphy; script; font
5. Chinese character
6. the art of calligraphy
7. (historical) ancient government post in charge of secretarial duties
8. (historical) imperial edict
9. storytelling
guǎn 1. accommodation
2. shop
3. building or place for cultural activities
4. private school
5. (historical) factory, as a foreign trade emporium

图 ⇨ 囗 + 冬
Component Pinyin Meanings
wéi, guó 1. usage. used as a shorthand for some other characters, including 圍 and 國
2. usage. This character (囗) is used for enclosures; if a square is used within a character, then the character is instead 口.
3. enclosure
dōng 1. winter, 11th lunar month
2. bang, thud (鼕, 咚)
3. n. winter

馆 ⇨ 饣 + 官
Component Pinyin Meanings
shí 1. Kangxi radical 184 eat.
guān 1. official, public servant

冬 ⇨ 夂 + ⺀
Component Pinyin Meanings
chǔ, zhǐ 1. go or walk slowly
     (lb, cmn, archaic) of
2. usage. This character is easily confused with 夊 sui1, however this character means to catch up with someone from behind. (See Gao Shu-fan, 形音義綜合大字典.)

官 ⇨ 宀 + 㠯
Component Pinyin Meanings
mián 1. roof
1. according to
2. to use
3. with
4. for