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Word and Radical Components of 保鲜盒

The Chinese word 保鲜盒 is analysed below into its constituent words and the words into radicals. By seeing the breakdown of the word in this way you can more easily learn and recognise the word.

保鲜盒 ⇨ 保 + 鲜 + 盒
Component Pinyin Meanings
bǎo 1. to raise; to rear
2. to keep; to maintain
3. to protect; to safeguard; to defend
4. to ensure; to guarantee
5. guarantor
6. Short for 保釋 (to bail)
7. (historical) bao (a unit of the ancient administrative system, consisting of some 100 households)
xiān 1. live fish; aquatic food
2. fresh food; delicious food
3. fresh; not stale
4. new; recent
5. clear; vivid
6. brightly coloured; gaily coloured
7. delicious; tasty
8. special; peculiar
xiǎn 9. rare; little
10. rarely; infrequently
11. to lack; to be short of
1. small box or case
2. casket
3. n. (small) box; case

保 ⇨ 亻 + 呆
Component Pinyin Meanings
rén 1. KangXi radical 人
dāi, ái 1. dull; wooden
2. dull-minded; simple; stupid
3. (zh-alt-form, 待, to stay)

鲜 ⇨ 鱼 + 羊
Component Pinyin Meanings
1. fish
yáng 1. caprid, eg. sheep, goat, antelope

呆 ⇨ 口 + 木
Component Pinyin Meanings
kǒu 1. usage. Shuōwén Jiězì radical №22
2. usage. This character (口) is used within characters; if a square is instead used as an enclosure (around) a character, then the character 囗 is used instead.
3. mouth
      。 - Rinse your mouth out.
4. entrance; opening; mouth (of an object)
     入口 - entrance
     出口 - exit
5. hole; cut
     口子zi - hole
     傷口 - wound
6. government organ; department
      可以 ? - Can I have a bite?
     (zh-syn, )
     樹木 - tree
1. wood; timber
     木頭tou - log
2. wooden
3. simple; plain; slow; emotionless
4. (Mandarin, neologism, slang) (eye dialect of 沒)
     有木有 - d'ya have…
5. numb
     麻木 - numb, insensitive