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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
齐刂 1. to adjust; to make up (a concoction); to concoct
2. (historical) contract for trading
3. small piece of dough; dough which has been kneaded
4. (TCM) medicinal preparation; concoction
5. pharmaceutical preparation; medicament
6. dose; dosage
7. (chemistry) agent; reagent
扌齐 1. crowd, squeeze, push against
氵齐 1. to cross a river; to ferry
2. to help; to aid; to relieve
3. to be of help; useful
4. (River name in Eastern China. See濟水.)
5. Only used in 濟濟 (horde of people; multitude)
6. (Min) many; much
月齐 1. abdominal area of crab
2. navel
口齐 1. sip