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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
口黑 1. silent
hēi 2. be silent, be quiet
3. quiet, still
4. interj. hey! (used to get attention)
5. dark
黑土 1. Chinese ink or ink in general
2. black; ink-coloured; dark
3. (historical) to tattoo the face
4. (figurative) to embezzle
5. (figurative) someone's poetry, essays handwriting or painting
6. (figurative) learning; knowledge
7. Short for 墨家 (Mohism)
8. Short for 墨西哥 (Mexico)
黑色 黑色 hēisè 1. adj. black
2. n. the color black
黑京 qíng 1. tattoo punishment of branding a criminal
2. carve
3. tattooed person
黑出 chù 1. dismiss
2. demote, downgrade
黑板 黑板 hēibǎn 1. n. blackboard
      粉筆 黑板 自己 名字。 - He gave me a piece of chalk and asked me to write my name on the blackboard.