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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
又鸟 1. chicken; fowl; poultry
     雞肉 - chicken (meat)
     雞蛋 - chicken egg
2. 10th of the Chinese zodiac animals (rooster)
3. domestic fowl
4. (slang) prostitute
我鸟 é 1. (domesticated goose) (as opposed to a wild goose –雁)
䧹鸟 yīng 1. eagle
2. falcon
3. hawk
甲鸟 1. duck
     北京.烤鴨 - Peking duck
2. (slang) male prostitute
卑鸟 bēi 1. bulbul
口鸟 míng 1. cry of bird or other animal
2. to make sound
3. v. to cry (of birds, animals and insects)
区鸟 ōu 1. seagull
2. seagull
牙鸟 1. n. crow, raven
隺鸟 hè, hào 1. crane (bird)
2. white
九鸟 jiū, qiāng 1. pigeon
2. collect, assemble
3. n. a type of bird
4. n. (vulgar, Cantonese) penis (a substitution for the rarer word
5. Interfix. (vulgar) fucking
      ? - What the fuck is wrong with you?
路鸟 1. heron, egret
婴鸟 1.