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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
麻鬼 1. a kind of demon, devil, evil spirit, evil influence, evil power or ability
2. magic power
3. familiar spirit, as in a witch's familiar
4. devil
云鬼 hún 1. soul, spirit
委鬼 wèi 1. (lb, cmn, historical, strictly) The ancient state of Wei during the Zhou dynasty prior to its elevation as the kingdom of Liang
2. (lb, cmn, historical, loosely) The kingdom of Liang
忄鬼 kuì 1. ashamed, conscience-stricken
山鬼 wéi 1. high
2. rugged, rocky, precipitous
白鬼 1. (religion, folklore) (Hun and po, po), the soul which does not leave the body after death, compared to hun which does.
2. soul; spirit
3. vigor
4. body
5. dark part of the moon
鬼斗 kuí 1. chief
2. leader
3. best
4. monstrous
鬼未 mèi 1. a kind of legendary evil spirit
2. captivate, charm