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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
囗韦 wéi 1. to surround; to encircle; to corral
2. all sides
3. girth
亻韦 wěi 1. extraordinary; great; exceptionally excellent
2. extraordinary, magnificent, great, robust
辶韦 wéi 1. v. to disobey, to violate
hán, Hán 1. A fence.
2. Han, an ancient Chinese county, viscounty, and kingdom of the Zhou Dynasty and the Qin–Han interregnum.
3.    The realm of this former state under other rulers.
4.    (astronomy) The star (Zeta Ophiuchi) in traditional Chinese astronomy, named for this state
5.    named for this state
6. Common designation of Mahan (마한, 馬韓), Byeonhan (변한, 弁韓), and Jinhan (진한, 辰韓), three ancient tribal federations located on the southern part of the Korean Peninsula
7. Korean (especially South Korean)
韦刃 rèn 1. strong and pliable, resilient
2. strong and moderately pliable
      gok3 nei1 ngan6 咗啲。 - I think this piece of meat is a bit too tough.