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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
弓长 zhāng 1. to stretch; to open up; to spread
     張開 - to open up, to spread
     張口 - to gape, to yawn
2. to expand; to spread
     擴張 - to expand, expansion
     聲張 - to make public, to disclose
3. nervous; tense
     緊張 - nervous
     張力 - tension
      地圖 - a map
      桌子 - a table
      - several chairs
      - two sheets of paper
4. Zhang, listed #24 of the (Baijiaxing)
巾长 zhàng 1. tent
2. screen, mosquito net
贝长 zhàng 1. accounts
2. bill, debt
3. credit
月长 zhàng 1. swell, inflate, expand
亻长 chāng 1. bewildered, confused (look)
2. rash, wildly
3. ghost of one devoured by a tiger