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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
氵酉 jiǔ 1. alcoholic beverages in general; alcoholic drink
      幹嗎 ? - Why don't you have a drink (of alcohol)?
酉己 pèi 1. match, pair
2. equal
3. blend
丬夕酉 jiàng 1. any jam-like or paste-like food
2. thick sauce
3. (ACG, internet slang) -chan
酉卒 zuì 1. adj. drunk; intoxicated
2. adj. addicted to
3. adj. marinated in wine
酉迷 1. ether
2. n. (organic chemistry) ether
丷酉 qiú 1. chief of a tribe, chieftain
酉各 1. curdled milk, cream, cheese
2. fruit juice
3. koumiss
酉昔 1. vinegar
2. (figurative) jealousy; envy; bitterness
酉同 tóng 1. n. (organic compound) ketone
酉旨 zhǐ 1. n. (organic compound) ester