Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
纟色 jué 1. to cut; to sever
2. to break off
3. to terminate
4. (colloquial) cool; awesome
      - way cool; awesome
5. (colloquial) extreme; excessive; too far
6. most; majority of
7. definitely; certainly
黑色 黑色 hēisè 1. adj. black
2. n. the color black
白色 白色 báisè 1. n. the color white
2. adj. white
丰色 1.
灰色 灰色 huīsè 1. n. the colour grey
2. adj. grey
棕色 棕色 zōngsè 1. n. the colour brown
紫色 紫色 zǐsè 1. n. purple; violet
2. adj. purple; violet
橙色 橙色 chéngsè 1. n. the color orange
2. adj. orange