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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
至刂 dào 1. to arrive at a destination; to reach a destination; to get to
     火車 - The train has arrived.
2. to go to; to leave for
      機場 。 - I'll go to the airport to pick you up.
3. (used as a verbal complement to indicate the (successful) completion of an action)
     找到 - to have found something
4. (usually in the negative) to reach
5. to the extent that
6. to
7.    to (a place)
8.    to (a time); until; up to
9.    (from) ... to ...
10. thoughtful; considerate
11. to arrive
      %。 - He has arrived home., MN
12. (mahjong, playing cards) to complete a winning hand
宀至 1. room; chamber
2. court; dynasty
3. home; house
4. (in addresses) apartment number; flat number
5. office
6. wife
7. tomb; grave
8. (astronomy) Encampment, a Chinese constellation near Pegasus
尸至 1. house
2. room
3. building; shelter
至攵 zhì 1. send, deliver, present
zhì 2. delicate, fine
3. to cause
亻至 zhí 1. nephew
至秦 zhēn 1. reach, arrive
2. utmost, superior