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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
彳聿 1. statute; principle; regulation; discipline; rule; law
     法律 - law
2. to control; to keep under control
廴聿 jiàn 1. to build; to construct; to erect
2. to establish; to found
3. to propose; to suggest
氵聿 jīn 1. ferry crossing; ford
2.    (figurative) key post
3.    Short for 天津 (Tianjin)
4.    (zh-div, 市) Tsu, Japan
5. bodily fluid
6.    saliva
7.    sweat
8.    to moisten
镸聿 1. indulge
2. excess
3. four (used in official documents or checks to avoid forgery)
4. particle meaning now, therefore
5. shop