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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
手目 kàn 1. to look; to see; to watch
      電影 - to watch a movie
2. to read
      報紙 - to read the newspaper
3. to visit; to call on
4. to think; to feel (that)
5. to consider; to regard as; to treat like
6. to depend on
      - it depends on...
7. to treat (a patient or sickness)
kān 8. to look after; to take care of; to tend; to keep an eye on
⺶目 zhuó, zháo, zhāo 1. to wear; to put on; to be dressed in; clothing
mài 2. usage. 著 (Pronunciations 1 and 2). Its usage varies with region:
3. to catch fire; to burn; to combust; to be ignited
4. usage. , class=wikitable.
5.    (Cantonese) to turn on (a light)
6. usage. , -
7. to be affected by; to be troubled with
8. usage. ! Region !!着
9. (dialectal Mandarin, Wu) to fall asleep
10. usage. , -
11. (Particle denoting that an action was appropriately done; not done in vain.)
12. usage. ! Taiwan
13. (Particle denoting the success or continuation of an action.)
14. usage. , standard , , rare variant
15. (Beijing Mandarin) (Particle used after verbs to denote the severity of the event.)
16. usage. , -
17. (Cantonese) one by one
18. usage. ! Hong Kong
19. (Cantonese, Hakka, Min) correct; right
20. usage. , variant , , standard
21. (Min Dong) at; in (a place)
22. (Min) it's now ...'s turn
23. (dialectal Mandarin, Xiang) (zhāo) all right; OK; that's exactly what I was thinking
24. (zh-alt-form, 招, move (in Go games); step; trick; device)
zhe 25. (Particle indicating the continuation of an action or a state. Often used with正.)
26. (Particle used after some adjectives to denote comparison of levels.)
27. (Particle denoting a command, request or advice.)
目垂 shuì 1. to sleep
2. (of bed, room) to sleep; to have the capacity for
木目 xiāng 1. to see for oneself; to evaluate by seeing for oneself
     xiāng 女婿 - assess the suitability of a prospective son-in-law or husband
2. mutually; reciprocally; towards each other; one another
     xiāng - to look at each other
     xiāng - to meet by chance
3. together; jointly
4. successively; one after another
5. towards; to
xiàng 6. to look at; to examine the appearance and judge; to observe
7. looks; appearance; features
8. posture; carriage; bearing
9. photo; picture; photograph
10. phase; exterior; stage; period
11. (physics) phase
12. (geology) facies
13. to physiognomise; to practise physiognomy; to tell fortune by reading the subject's facial features
14. physiognomy; practice of physiognomy
15. to choose; to pick
16. to assist; to help; to oversee
17. (historical) prime minister
18. (historical) minister
19. (Chinese chess) minister
20. (historical) master of ceremonies
21. (historical) attendant
22. to administer; to govern
23. to teach; to instruct
⺮目廾 suàn 1. to count; to calculate; to figure
2. to plan; to arrange; to design
3. to guess; to estimate; to approximate
4. to regard as; to consider
5. to count; to be of significance
6. to let it pass; to give up
7. finally; eventually
目艮 yǎn 1. eye
2. sight; vision
3. eyelet; aperture; hole; opening
4. mesh
5. key point; critical moment
6. (Go) trap
日目 mào      假冒 - fake
     冒名 - to go under someone else's name
1. to risk; to brave; to face
     冒險 - to adventure
     冒雨 - to brave the rain
     冒失 - thoughtlessly
     冒犯 - to offend
2. to emit; to give off; to send out
     冒煙 - to give off smoke
3. (Mandarin) to appear; to emerge
4. (dialectal Mandarin, of water) to boil
5. (dialectal Mandarin, Wu) to vomit or to have diarrhoea
6. (dialectal Mandarin) to cover rice or noodles with vegetables and meat; to put broth over noodles or rice
     冒菜 - (zh:冒菜, maocai a local dish of Sichuan)
7. Only used in 冒頓 (name of a Xiongnu chieftain)
目丁 dīng 1. rivet gaze upon, keep eyes on
目苗 miáo 1. take aim at
2. look at
目一八 1. tool; implement
2. to possess; to have
3. to provide; to furnish
氵目 lèi 1. tear; teardrop
少目 shěng 1. to omit; to leave out
2. to save, to economize
3. province
xǐng 4. to examine; to inspect
5. to greet; to visit
6. to understand; to comprehend
叔目 1. supervise, oversee, direct
目民 mián 1. to sleep
2. to hibernate
目舜 shùn 1. wink, blink
2. in a wink, a flash
目兒 1. look askance at, glare at
2. squint
méi 1. eyebrow
2. upper margin of book
亡目 máng 1. blind
2. unperceptive, shortsighted
3. adj. blind
目艹 mán 1. deceive, lie
2. eyes half-closed