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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
丿皿 xiě, xuè, xuě 1. blood
     流血xiě 。 - It's bleeding.
2. blood relations; kinship
3. firm, unyielding, ardent
4. (literary) tears
gài 1. cover, hide, protect
2. (ancient variant of 盍) what? why not?
3. (zh-div, 邑) (historical) Ge (a city in the ancient state of Qi in modern-day w, Yishui County), Shandong
艹丨丨丶皿 lán 1. blue
     藍色 - blue color
2. indigo plant;
3. Lan
舟皿 pán 1. tray; plate; dish
2. to examine
3. to maneuver
4. twisting
5. to twine, to wind
6. to calculate
7. (computing) hard drive
     網盤 - cloud drive
成皿 chéng 1. to put in container
2. to hold; to contain
shèng 3. flourishing; prosperous
4. abundant; growing; plentiful
5. great; large; huge
6. popular; widespread
7. deep; profound
8. vigorous; strong; intense
9. sparing no effort; trying one's best
丨丨丶皿 jiān 1. to supervise; to oversee
2. (historical) proctor; supervisor
3. to control; to take charge; to direct
4. (historical, of crown prince or senior statesman) to act for the monarch
5. (historical) dukes or princes under an emperor
6. prison; jail; gaol
jiàn 7. (historical) supervisor; overseer
8. (historical) imperial office
9. (historical) eunuch
次皿 dào 1. rob, steal
2. thief, bandit
明皿 méng 1. to swear
2. oath, covenant, alliance
子皿 mèng 1. eldest brother
2. used as a surname
3. (figuratively) first in series
4. (figuratively) great, eminent
圤皿 yán 1. salt; salty substance, especially table salt
2. (chemistry) salt
3. (Min Nan) food product pickled with salt
4. (Min Nan) sweat stain; salt efflorescence
yàn 5. (Min Dong) to devote oneself to; to invest
6. (Min Nan, of a wound) irritated; painful (from salt or medication)
䒑八皿 1. profit; benefit
2. advantage
3. 42nd hexagram of the I Ching
分皿 pén 1. basin, tub, pot, bowl
2. n. large basin, tub
3. n. pot
4. n. unit of volume equal to 12升 (128 liters)
⺮艮皿 guǐ 1. a square basket of bamboo for holding grain used at sacrifices, feasts and similar events
夃皿 yíng 1. fill
2. full, overflowing
3. surplus
4. (lb, mul, of the Moon) to wax
虫皿 1. poison
2. venom
3. harm
4. bewitch
5. 18th hexagram of the I Ching
zhǎn 1. small cup or container
2. classifier for lamps, etc.