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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
亠口冖毛 háo 1. fine hair
2. measure of length
3. 1/1000; the number 10; the SI unit prefix milli-
⺮毛 1. writing brush
2. pen; pencil
3. stroke (of Chinese characters)
尸毛 wěi, yǐ 1. tail
2. end
3. last; final
耒毛 hào 1. consume, use up
2. waste, squander
毛巾 毛巾 máojīn 1. n. towel
眉毛 眉毛 méimáo 1. n. (anatomy) eyebrow
毛炎 tǎn 1. rug, carpet, blanket
毛占 zhān 1. felt
2. rug, carpet
3. coarse fabrics used for rugs, carpets, wrappers, etc.
4. felt
5. felt underlay (used in Chinese calligraphy)
虫毛 háo 1. oyster
2. caterpillars of family Limacodidae ((vern, slug moth, pl=s); vern, cup moth, pl=s)
3. caterpillars of subfamily Arctiinae (tiger moths)
4. blister beetle (family Meloidae)
5. tiger beetle (subfamily)
毛建 jiàn 1. shuttlecock