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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
一止 zhèng 1. usage. (sense, tally marks, 5) The successive strokes of m, mul, sc=Hani, 正 are used in China, Japan, and Korea to designate tallies in votes, scores, points, sushi orders, and the like, much as Image:Tall
2. straight; upright; central; in proper position
3. right; proper; correct
4. exact; standardized; just so
5. regular-shaped; regular; square
6. primary; chief; main
7. pure; unmixed; authentic; true
8. pretty; attractive; beautiful
9. honest; upright; honourable
10. (Cantonese) awesome; fantastic
11. just now; right now; in the process of
12. to straighten; to make straight; to adjust
13. to make right; to rectify; to correct
14. (tally marks) 5
15. (numismatics) obverse
16. (Buddhism) 10
17. (mathematics) positive; plus
18. (physics) positive
zhēng 19. first (month of the lunar year)
止匕 1. (literary) this
      號碼 無法 接通。 - This number cannot be reached.
2. (literary) here
      。 - Please press here.
彳止龰 1. move one's abode, shift, migrate
1. to walk; to stroll
2. to measure distance by steps
3. to follow; to imitate; to copy
4. to calculate; to reckon
5. step; pace
6. distance between two feet when walking
7. (figurative) step; procedure
     求職 第一 - the first step to finding a job
8. stance; position; situation
9. (military) infantry
止月 kěn 1. willing
2. consent to, permit
1. to stand on tiptoe
2. (Cantonese, Hakka) to stand
3. to expect anxiously
4. to plan
齿 止凵人 chǐ 1. tooth, teeth
     牙齒 - tooth
廴丿止 yán 1. to prolong
2. to stretch; to extend
3. to engage; to send for
4. to delay; to postpone; to defer
扌止 chě 1. rip up, tear down
2. raise
3. haul
4. to pull (usually that is flexible)
5. to tear
6. to talk nonsense
7. ridiculous, crazy
耳止 chǐ 1. shame, humiliation
2. ashamed
止支 1. side road, fork of a road
2. divergent, branching off
礻止 zhǐ 1. happiness; blessings; good luck; felicity
氵刃止 1. astringent
2. harsh
3. uneven, rough
土止 zhǐ 1. site, location
2. land for house
艹止 zhǐ 1. angelica, type of iris