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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
木羊 yàng 1. appearance; form; shape
yáng 2. a type of mallet (rfgloss)
     一樣 - same lit. one appearance
     模樣 - appearance
3. look; expression; air
4. type; kind; sort; variety; class; category
     各式各樣 - (of) all kinds and sorts
5. sample; specimen; example
     樣品 - sample; specimen
     榜樣 - example; model
6. (printing) proof
7. manner; style; way; fashion
     這樣 - such; like this lit. this manner
     怎樣 - how
      - there is a (type of) thing called
      - three different dishes
8. (ACG, Internet, slang) ja-r, 様, さま) -sama
木几 1. weaving machine; spinning machine
jī, jǐ 2. (zh-alt-form, 几, small table; stool)
3. machine; apparatus; device
4. mechanism; process
5. cause; reason
6. secret; confidential (affair)
7. opportunity; chance; crucial point
8. plan; idea
9. flexible; quick-witted
㐅木 shā 1. to kill; to murder
2. to hurt
3. to pare off; to diminish; to reduce; to clip
     隆殺 。 - The principle of increase and dimunution (of sumptuary allowances) is defined.
木旦 chá 1. to investigate; to examine; to seek into (attention, en, I can't think of a case where seek into would be idiomatic English)
2. to look up something in; to search in; to consult
      應該 詞典。 - You should look in the dictionary.
3. (zh-alt-form, 槎)
zhā 4. hawthorn (rfv-sense)
5. I; me
木各 1. pattern; standard; form; style
2. square; frame
3. personality; character
4. (grammar) case
5. (onomatopoeia)
丷木 1. hulled or husked uncooked rice
2. husked seed
3. grain-like things
4. (loanword, from (bor, zh, en, meter, notext=1)) meter
木一 běn 1. (of plants) root; stem
2. source; origin; root
3. foundation; basis
4. edition; version; copy
5. originally; initially
6. current; present
     本年 - current year
7. this; here
     本人 - I lit. this person
      - a book
      雜誌 - a magazine
8. volume
木仓 qiāng 1. (historical) spear; lance; pike
2. gun; firearm; shooter
chēng 3. (zh-only used in, 欃槍, comet)
夂木 tiáo 1. strip; slip
2. twig; branch
3. (of law or treaty) item; article; clause; condition
4. informal note
木口 shù 1. bind, control, restrain
2. bale, bundle
木林 sēn 1. forest
2. full of trees
3. in profusion
4. dark; gloomy; cold
     陰森 - gloomy
5. orderly
6. strict; rigid; rigorous
     森嚴 - strict; tight
木及 1. extremity; limit; end; utmost point
2. extreme; of the highest degree; utmost; furthest; final
3. extremely; exceedingly; very
4. (geography, physics) pole
5. (astronomy) Polaris
6. (Buddhism) the number 10
木目 xiāng 1. to see for oneself; to evaluate by seeing for oneself
     xiāng 女婿 - assess the suitability of a prospective son-in-law or husband
2. mutually; reciprocally; towards each other; one another
     xiāng - to look at each other
     xiāng - to meet by chance
3. together; jointly
4. successively; one after another
5. towards; to
xiàng 6. to look at; to examine the appearance and judge; to observe
7. looks; appearance; features
8. posture; carriage; bearing
9. photo; picture; photograph
10. phase; exterior; stage; period
11. (physics) phase
12. (geology) facies
13. to physiognomise; to practise physiognomy; to tell fortune by reading the subject's facial features
14. physiognomy; practice of physiognomy
15. to choose; to pick
16. to assist; to help; to oversee
17. (historical) prime minister
18. (historical) minister
19. (Chinese chess) minister
20. (historical) master of ceremonies
21. (historical) attendant
22. to administer; to govern
23. to teach; to instruct
木木 lín 1. forest; grove; woods
木交 xiào 1. school; college; university
xiào 2. (military) field officer
jiào 3. (historical) horsekeeper official
4. to proofread; to check; to compare
5. (printing) proof
6. (Sichuanese) to try
木灬 jié 1. hero
2. outstanding, remarkable
3. A (typically male) given name
木公 sōng 1. loose (not fixed in place tightly)
sōng 2. pine tree
3. loosen, relax
4. fir tree
木艮 gēn 1. (botany) root
2. base; basis; foundation
3. family root; ancestors
4. descendant; offspring
5. source; origin
6. (figurative) penis
7. (Buddhism) (indriya); faculty; spiritual faculty
8. (mathematics) root
9. (mathematics) solution to an algebraic equation
10. (chemistry) radical
11. completely; from the source
木娄 lóu 1. building (of two or more stories)
2. floor, level
     9 - comment #9
     樓主 - OP
3. Lou
木又 quán 1. power; authority
     權力 - power; authority
2. right; entitlement
     權利 - right
     投票權 - right to vote