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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
其斤 1. usage. In modern Chinese, This character is almost entirely used for phonetic translations. The character mainly represents the phoneme (IPAchar, /s/) or IPAchar, /θ/ in word-final and preconsonantal positi
口斤 tīng 1. usage. 耳王十四一心 is a phrase used to remember this character, based on the order of the strokes.
2. to listen; to hear; to listen to (radio etc.)
      仔細 。 - Please listen carefully
3. to obey; to heed
     聽話 - obedient; to obey
4. to allow; to let
5. (Wenzhou Wu) to smell
6. (Cantonese) to pick up the phone
7. (loanword, from (bor, zh, en, -, notext=1) tin)
tìng      tìng - to handle matters of state
戶斤 suǒ 1. place; location
2. institute
3. (Prefix attached to verbs to form noun phrases, meaning a person or thing that is the object of that verb (ie, to whom or to which an action is done).)
     所得 - income literary “what is gained”
4. (Used in the construction為……所…… to form the passive voice.)
亲斤 xīn 1. new; fresh
      電腦 - new computer
2. newly; freshly; recently
      建成 超市 - newly built supermarket
3. neo- (prefix)
      納粹 - neo-Nazi
4. (chemistry) meso-
5. Xin
     澳新银行 - Australia and New Zealand Banking Corporation (ANZ Bank)
米斤 duàn 1. sever, cut off
2. interrupt
3. to break; to snap
4. to cut off; to interrupt
5. to give up; to abstain from; to quit
duàn 6. to judge; to decide; to determine
7. (used in the negative) absolutely; definitely; decidedly
斤一八 bīng 1. weapons
2. army; troops
3. soldier
     士兵 - soldier
4. warfare
5. (Chinese chess) pawn
辶斤 jìn 1. near, close
2. intimate
3. approximately
4. to approach
5. (dialectal) to make a profit; to earn
礻斤 1. pray
2. entreat, beseech
斤欠 xīn 1. happy, joyous, delighted
扌斤 1. wing
zhé 2. fold, bend
zhé 3. break off, snap
4. fin (on fish)
5. twisted, curved
6. to bend
7. wing (of an airplane)
8. v. to fold
9. (figurative) wing; flank
10. to assist
匚斤 jiàng 1. craftsman, artisan
2. workman
父斤 1. axe, hatchet
2. chop, hew
车斤 zhǎn 1. to cut, to chop
2. to behead
3. (zh-der, 先斬後奏, 先斬後聞, 出斬, 大有斬獲, 抄斬, 披荊斬棘, 搴旗斬馘, 斬伐, 斬刈殺伐, 斬刑, 斬宗絕嗣, 斬將奪旗, 斬將搴旗, 斬截, 斬斫, 斬斬剁剁, 斬新, 斬木為兵, 斬決, 斬獲, 斬盡殺絕, 斬監候, 斬眼, 斬立決, 斬經堂, 斬草除根, 斬蛇, 斬蛇逐鹿, 斬衰, 斬釘截鐵, 斬鋼截鐵, 斬雞頭, 斬首, 斬首示眾, 斬馘, 斬馬劍, 斬馬謖, 滿門抄
忄车斤 cán 1. ashamed, humiliated
2. shameful
革斤 jìn 1. strap on a horse's breast
木斤 1. split wood
2. break apart
3. divide
艹斤 qín 1. celery (Apium graveolens)
斤丶 chì 1. to scold, upbraid, accuse, reproach