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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
一廾 kāi 1. to open; to unlatch; to unfasten
jiān, qiān 2. even, level
3. to start; to turn on; to switch on
4. to raise in both hands
5. to begin; to start
6. to boil; to seethe
7. to write out (a prescription, check, invoice, etc.)
8. to book (a hotel room)
9. to operate; to drive (a vehicle)
10. apart; away
11. (Cantonese) Habitual aspect particle.
12. (physics) Short for 開爾文 (kelvin)
13. (loanword, from (bor, zh, en, K, notext=1)) karat
王廾 nòng 1. to play with; to play around with; to fiddle with; to fondle
     真的 命運 。 - It must be a quirk of fate.
2. to enjoy; to play
3. trick; magic
4. to make fun of; to tease; to bully
5. to show off; to make a show of
6. (Min Nan) to amuse (a child)
7. (music) to play (a musical instrument); to perform
8. (music) ditty
9. to do; to engage in; to undertake; to deal with
10. to make ... do/become ...; to cause ... to do ...
      小孩 。 - He made the kid cry.
11. (colloquial) to cause someone to become pregnant
12. (Min Nan) to shake off; to shake out
13. to marry
14. to investigate; to look into
15. to get; to obtain; to fetch
      哪兒r 。 - Where did you get the book?
16. to decorate; to dress up; to put on make-up
lòng 17. (historical) lane in palace
18. (regional) alleyway; lane; apartment complex (especially in Shanghai)
     - ^ ^- Lòng - 18 Anyuan Road
⺮目廾 suàn 1. to count; to calculate; to figure
2. to plan; to arrange; to design
3. to guess; to estimate; to approximate
4. to regard as; to consider
5. to count; to be of significance
6. to let it pass; to give up
7. finally; eventually
1. to abandon; to discard; to reject
己廾 1. different, other
2. special, uncommon
3. odd, uncommon
4. different, other, hetero-
5. uncommon, unusual, special, strange, surprising
6. distinguish, separate
戈廾 jiè 1. warn, caution, admonish
艹死廾 zàng 1. bury, inter
2. n. burial
     火葬 - cremation (lit. fire burial)
3. v. to bury; to inter
     埋葬 - to bury
      ^ ^ - Poem of Burying Flowers (a poem in (Dream of the Red Chamber))
丿廾 shēng 1. arise, go up
2. hoist
3. advance
4. an ancient measuring unit
5. 46th hexagram of the I Ching
6. 公升, i.e. litre
7. to rise
8. to raise
9. litre
艹犬廾 mǎng 1. thicket, underbrush
2. poisonous
3. thick weeds, luxuriant growth, Illicium anisatum, impertinent
4. (Sichuanese) silly, foolish
敝廾 1. fraud; harm; malpractice; deceit
2. drawback; defect
3. (Cantonese) (used to indicate a realisation that something is wrong): oh no; oh crap
亦廾 1. Chinese chess
厶廾 biàn 1. conical cap worn during Zhou dynasty