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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
走干 gǎn 1. pursue, follow
2. expel, drive away
3. n. to overtake, to catch up with
4. n. to hurry, to rush
5. n. to try to catch (a bus, train etc)
6. n. to drive (animal, vehicle)
7. n. to drive someone away; to chase away
8. n. to avail oneself of (an opportunity); happen to
9. prep. until, till
干丷 píng 1. level; even; flat
2. even
3. draw, tie
4. to level
5. calm; peaceful
6. peace
7. to pacify
8. (used in placenames of conquered lands) pacified territory
9. ordinary; common; mediocre; average
10. (Cantonese, Hakka) cheap; inexpensive
11. number 95 of the (Baijiaxing)
女干 jiān, gān 1. to offend; to conflict
2. to stage an armed rebellion or steal
3. evil; wicked; treacherous
4. self-seeking; wily
5. evildoer; treacherous person
6. traitor; betrayer
7. to commit adultery
氵干 hàn 1. perspiration, sweat
2. sweat; perspiration
      著着zhe 。 - I'm dripping with sweat.
      - The head is sweating a lot.
3. (literary) to sweat; to perspire
4. (literary) condensation on bamboo when put over fire
5. (internet slang) (Word used to express embarrassment, speechlessness or helplessness.)
hán 6. Only used in 可汗 (, 汗國)
gān 7. (zh-only, 餘汗/馀汗)
木干 gǎn 1. pole; stick; club; rod
gān 2. n. pole, staff, rod
3. lever; handle
     操縱桿gǎn - joystick
     -shā-gǎn 磨損。 - The hand-brake lever is worn out.
4. shaft; barrel
     槍桿gǎn - gun barrel
月干 gān 1. (anatomy) liver
      也不 。 - I can't eat either tripe or liver.
     身體 大部分 膽固醇 消化 食物 。 - Most of the body's cholesterol is made in the liver and intestine from digested food.
干刂 kān 1. publication, periodical
2. publish
车干 xuān 1. carriage
2. high
3. wide
4. balcony
5. surname of the Yellow Emperor
葡萄干 葡萄葡萄干 pútáogān 1. n. raisin
扌干 gǎn 1. ward off, withstand, resist
日干 hàn 1. drought
2. dry
3. dry land