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Characters using the Radical

Word Components Pinyin Meanings
邦巾 bāng 1. group; gang
2. to help; to assist; to aid
卅冖巾 dài 1. belt, girdle, band, strap
2. zone
3. n. belt; ribbon; tape
4. n. tyre, tire
5. n. zone; area; belt
6. n. cassette
     錄影帶 - video cassette
      daai3-2 - listen to a(n audio) cassette
      daai3-2 - watch to a (video) cassette
7. v. to take; to bring along; to carry
8. v. to assist one in doing something
9. v. to take someone somewhere
10. v. bear; have; with
11. v. lead; head
1. cotton cloth, textiles
     cotton cloth
2. to announce, to proclaim
     to declare, to proclaim, to announce
3. to spread
     to be found everywhere, to be spread all over
龸口巾 cháng 1. common, normal, frequent, regular, often
2. a Chinese surname
3. common; general; normal
4. constant; invariable
5. often; frequently
巾白 1. turban, kerchief, veil
2. wrap
3. to wrap
4.  kerchief, handkerchief, headscarf
5.  pascal (SI unit)
亠巾 shì 1. city; town
2. market; fair
3. trade
亠丷冖巾 1. god; deity
2. emperor; sovereign
3. Short for 帝國主義 (imperialism)
广廿巾 1. n. seat
2. n. woven mat made of bamboo strips and grass
3. n. food of a banquet
4. n. classifier for conversations
5. n. classifier for members of parliament
巾长 zhàng 1. tent
2. screen, mosquito net
巾畐 1. n. piece, strip, breadth of, hem
莫巾 1. curtain; screen; tent
丿巾 1. currency, coins
饣巾 shì 1. to decorate; to adorn
2. ornament; decorations; adornments
3. to cover up; to deceive
4. to polish
巾冒 mào 1. hat; cap
2. cap-like tops
口巾 diào 1. condole, mourn, pity
2. hang (downward)
巾隹 wéi 1. tent
2. curtain, screen
毛巾 毛巾 máojīn 1. n. towel