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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
覀女 yāo      yāo - to request
     yāo - to threaten, to blackmail
     yāo - to restrict, to agree to a contract/offer/bid
     yāo - to intercept, to ambush
     久要yāo - former contract
yào 1. to want; to wish; to need
      睡覺jiào。 - I want to sleep.
2. will; going to (future auxiliary)
      。 - I am going to go.
3. about to
4. should; to must; to have to
     不要 。 - Don't drink alcohol.
5. vital; important
     重要 - important
     主要 - main
6. if; in case of
女也 1. she, her
      。 - She went away.
      認識shi 。 - I know her.
2. usage. Occasionally,他 may be used for both genders.
女子 hǎo 1. good; well
2. nice; kind
3. friendly; close; acquainted
4. done; ready
5. to be good to, easy to
6. (making it) convenient, easy for
7. so that
8. to recover from an illness
9. (somewhat, dialectal) very; quite; rather; so
10. a pleasure to
     好吃 - delicious
11. prefer; like
12. (Particle used after verbs to denote the completion or near-completion of an action.)
13. (Particle denoting agreement, support or wish to terminate a conversation.)
14. (Particle denoting dissatisfaction in ironical sentences.)
hào 15. to be fond of; to like
     hào學不倦 - to like to learn without feeling tired
16. to have a tendency to; to be prone to; good to; easy to
17. (dialectal Mandarin, Wu) can; to be able to
女马 1. mom; mum: an affectionate term for a mother
2. (usually with qualifier) other older female relatives or house-servants
3. (religion) The Mother, an epithet of the Fujianese sea goddess Mazu (tr=-).
女台 shǐ 1. to begin, to start
2. beginning, start
3. initial, first
4. then, only then
宀女 ān 1. calm; peaceful; tranquil; quiet
2. comfortable; at ease
3. safe; secure
4. to calm; to pacify
5. to feel satisfied with
6. to find a place for; to plant
7. to fit; to install
8. to cherish; to harbour
9. to confer (a title); to bestow; to put (the blame on someone)
10. where
11. how; why
12. (physics) Short for 安培 (ampere)
女人 女人 nǚrén 1. n. woman; adult female
     一個 陌生 女人 來信 - a letter from an unknown woman
2. n. (colloquial) lover; mistress
3. n. =====Usage notes=====
nǚren, nǚrén 4. n. (colloquial) wife
女昏 hūn 1. get married
2. marriage, wedding
女母 1. child's governess
2. matron
戌女 wēi 1. pomp, power
2. powerful, majestic
3. dominate
女孩 女孩 nǚhái 1. n. girl
2. n. young woman, lass
女那 nuó 1. a female given name
2. elegant, graceful, delicate
3. (Used in female personal names.)
女尼 1. maid, servant girl
2. cute girl
女兼 xián 1. hate, detest
2. suspect
3. criticize
女尔 nǎi 1. milk
2. you (f.)
3. suckle
4. pron. you (female)
5. breasts
     如果 妳你 傳說 - If You Are My Legend (a 1990 song by (Andy Lau))
6. pron. =====Usage notes=====
7. pron. This character is mostly used in traditional Chinese when referring to a female person. Although 妳 is abandoned in simplified Chinese, it may still be found in some contexts.
女口 1. if; supposing
2. as if; as though
3. like; as
4. such as; for example
5. (usually with不) as good as
女家 jià 1. (of a woman) to marry; to become married to
      出去 - unable to get married (to anyone); to be left on the shelf
      去年 大學 同學。 - She married her university classmate last year.
2. to give a daughter in marriage; to marry off
      女兒 - to give a daughter in marriage; to try to marry off a daughter
3. (figurative) to transfer; to shift (harm, charge, etc.); to put the (blame) on another person
     嫁禍於人 - to shift the blame on others
女良 niáng 1. woman, especially a young girl
     姑娘niang - girl
2. (colloquial) mother; ma
3. wife of another person
4. elderly lady
5. (religion) The Lady, an epithet of the Fujianese sea goddess Mazu (tr=-).
女彐 1. married woman
2. woman
3. wife
女免 miǎn 1. give birth to a child
2. complaisant