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Word Components Pinyin Meanings
夂田 bèi 1. prepare, ready, perfect
夂卜 chǔ 1. to reside; to live; to dwell
2. to be situated in; to be in
3. staying at home; not assuming a government position, or not married
4. to manage; to deal with
5. to punish; to discipline
6. to get along with
chù      此處 - this place
7. part; aspect; respect
8. department; office
9. (Cantonese, slightly, dated) here
      syu3。 - I'm here.
      syu3。 - He's not here.
10. =====Usage notes=====
日夂 1. to repeat, to double, to overlap
2. return
3. restore
4. reply
5. v. (literary) to go back
6. v. (Original form and simplified form of 復.)
夂木 tiáo 1. strip; slip
2. twig; branch
3. (of law or treaty) item; article; clause; condition
4. informal note
龶夂 mài 1. wheat; barley; oats
2. Short for 麥克風 (microphone)
夂力 1. business; affairs
2. service
     服務 - service
3. must; should; be sure to
xià 1. (historical) (~朝) Xia Dynasty
xià 2. summer (season)
夂口 gè, gě 1. each; every (determiner)
     (zh-syn, )
     各種各樣 - all sorts
     各位 - everyone present; you all; everybody
2. each (adverb)
     --- - each fulfils his/her responsibilities
亻丨夂彡 xiū 1. to decorate, to embellish
2. to repair, to mend
3. to study, to cultivate
亻囟八夂 shǎ 1. foolish; silly; stupid
2. stupid person; fool; idiot
夂⺀ dōng 1. winter, 11th lunar month
2. bang, thud (鼕, 咚)
3. n. winter
夂思 bèi 1. tired, weary, fatigued